Monday, December 22, 2008

The Eyes Have It

Eyes are such an important part of a sculpt. They make it come to life. I mentioned in my last post I've been experimenting with different mediums to make an eye with more depth. Thanks to my friend Colleen (dolljourney.blogspot) she directed me to a sculptor's website that had a great tutorial That site also referred me to another site, that had addition eye tutorials. While I didn't follow them completely, I did get ideas from both. And I always wanted to know what they were referring to on ebay when they said a sculpt did not have computer generated I know how those are made. You print tiny irises onto transparency paper with your ink jet printer and carefully cut them out, you can see the steps on the fairies and dreams site. I thought the result was still a little flat so I hi-lighted and out-lined the iris with watercolor paint right on top of the printed iris on the dull side of the transparency paper. I think I like the glass eyes I did with the glass and metallic paint the best.......the liquid fimo gives them a nice clear lens. I must warn you though, be very careful with the thickness of the fimo gel and baking them very slowly by adjusting the oven temperature every ten minutes..........or you get cloudiness and bubbles........destroys the eye.........
When you're done with the oven curing you can use your heat gun to make the lens even shinier.

Take a look at these can use a lot of interesting colors and tints for fantasy eyes.


Colleen said...

holyyy!!! cant believe you did this!!! how did you know they were human eyes minimized? how did you know how little to make them? i emailed her and she told me that....ok?? so where did you find the irises? eneida said to google human eyes, did you do that? they look freaking amazing!!! Im so excited!!! ok...i'm going to try right now...did you use sticky transparencies! ???!!!! colleen

Susan said...

yes, I went to Google images and used Photoshop, I got them down to about 2 to 3mm
print the images on transparency film for injet printers (if that's what you have)
if you have trouble I can send you some