Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Rhonda & REX a new sculpt

For my next sculpt I want to try a more whimsical character, stretch the guidelines for correct proportions. Rhonda will be a 4 1/2" child, ready to go for a walk with her loyal bull terrier, Rex.

Rex has a full wire armature and was sculpted using Fimo classic with inset black onyx eyes. After sculpting he was painted with an acrylic base coat and then flocked with alpaca fibers. I used Alpaca 18 by RG in black and white and cut it up to a fine powder using a Dr. Slick scissors. I carefully applied Clear Gel Tacky glue with just a tint of white paint and applied fiber to small sections at a time.

Rex was then shaded with Pan pastels to hi-lite his fur, with special attention given to his paws, ears and mouth. I applied a light spray of Krylon to seal the chalk.

A bright pink collar and leash from Aztec Miniatures and he's ready to go.


zachary said...

beautiful, amazingly creative creations. This is a wonderfully informative and insightful site. Thanks for all the hard work and sharing of such valuable information.

Colleen said...

WOW...Thats what i am saying to myself right now!!! i LOVE this doll...yes very wimsical..her look(even with no hair) is fantastic (but really looks like you!!!)when I first looked at her...she looked like she had a silver metalic top..HMMM!!! and the dog...i freaking love this...ugh...you are so inspiring me...to just move in a new direction!! love colleen