Sunday, September 28, 2008

Queen LadyBird

Queen of the Lady Bugs

An OOAK full body sculpt with artist made inset eyes. She has an anemone crown adorned with Swarkovski crystals and cultured pearl. Her shell is a gourd that has been lined in velvet, trimmed in metallic braid and gold leafed. Small skeletonized leaves form the wings. She has a regal silk brocade gown, gold wire mesh sleeves and a period collar.
Her tiny shoes are of dupioni silk with micro bead trim and real leather soles.

A sculpted labybug rests in her hand.

She has a dreamy look in her eyes, as she recalls a fond memory from long ago.


Anonymous said...
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gilgorski said...

Very creative, the artist's work reminds one of the fantasy worlds of Tolkien and Harry Potter. These items must be quite collectable, I wonder what the antique roadshow would have to say about them in 75 years. Look forward to seeing more.

Trudie said...

She is simply sumptuous. Wonderful detailed work!