Friday, December 5, 2008

New Oven

How many times have you burned clay in your toaster oven? I bought a Cuisinart convection toaster oven because I thought it would be better than the cheaper ones out there. I even got a liquid thermometer so I could make sure I had the correct temperature. I don't know how many times I burned or darkened clay in it........especially tiny fingers, it's very frustrating. I tried aluminum foil tents, lower temperatures, different baking times, nothing seemed to work.

I finally decided to look for something else. I found a Deni Convection oven on the Morezmore ebay store and e-mailed the gal and asked her about it. She sculpts a lot of polymer clay and it's the one she uses. I got it about a month ago and I LOVE it. The oven shuts off when the timer runs more running to turn the oven off. It blows hot air from the top and circulates it around the dish.......I haven't burned anything yet......even re-baking tiny hands.
Natasha, from Morezmore, did say she uses a liquid thermometer to check the temperature because the control knobs on the oven aren't extremely accurate. She also said to insulate your sculpt with a folded cloth napkin if it gets close to the glass bowl, because the glass gets hotter than the air circulating in the oven.


Colleen said...

wow..YES...i already told my mom that i wanted this deni oven for christmas from morezmore!!i'm so excited you got it and "reviewed" it..i was thinking about just goung to a store getting a regular one... actually i'm a little "jealous" you have yours already!!! haha colleen

morezmore said...

Thank you thank you for your kind comment!

Natasha Red October
The Morezmore Estate :) :)