Thursday, October 23, 2008

He has a face

Just finished my elf face. I used Genesis heat set paints and a touch of oil pastels. For the eyes I used Pro Paint from Reaper Miniatures, with a touch of metallic.

Individual applied lashes. He looks mischievious to me..........what should I have him doing?


Evelyn said...

Well, from the picture, I don't get mischevious. He or she looks like the elf apprentice who was just told by his master that he is no longer apprentice. Here is your certificate that says that you can officially go out and practice magic on your own and I'm throwing in a free box of magical ingredients to stock your own mystical cupboard. Oh thank you master. he he

Colleen said...

Wowee.... he is do have the "fairy..Elf.. look down pat girl!!! cant wait to see what happens next with costuming!!!