Sunday, August 14, 2011

Base coating

Primed and ready to paint
Skull Cap
This angel fairy doesn't get hair, the instructions call for a grooved line to be drawn around the face.  The top of the head gets painted orange like a little cap.  I wanted a more 3 dimensional look, so I rolled some LaDoll paper clay very thin into a circle.  I put a thick rubber band around the face for a border, from the top of the forehead to the chin.  I trimmed one end of my clay with a scalpel for a nice sharp edge.  I butted the cut edge up against the rubber band and folded the excess towards the back of the head, pinching darts in place and cutting off the extra clay. The result gives you a  perfectly formed little skull cap which will give the head a little more dimension.  Next, I gave all the parts a final sanding and primed everything with Liquitex Acrylic Heavy Body white paint, it serves to smooth everything out even further and acts like a coat of Gesso.  At this point my angel is ready to be painted.


Pandora said...

Your little one is shaping up to be oh so darling!

LucysDaughter said...

Thank you so much, Susan, for posting 'hints' regarding Christy's Whimsie workshop doll! For a novice doll maker like myself it helps so much. Your dolls are wonderful! I've enjoyed your site and plan to come back often. I was to attend Ankie's class @ NIADA, but my husband's brother fell ill in WI and our plans suddenly changed with a trip to WI. I plan to attend Marlaine & Ankie's 'Dutch Touch' 5 day workshop-2012 in ALB New Mexico where I know I'll learn some great sculpting techniques. I love the comb of the Premier & La Doll. Thank you for that! I was using the DARWI and having problems due to the weakness in my hands. I have ms and it sure did help to combine w/light weight. TY. Also, your sugg regarding the sanding sponges! WOW. I love the ceramic sheen!!! I too strive for perfection, which has been my down fall. I was amazed! TY for this too! Also, I followed your posted link to the youtube instructions regarding the armature holder. My hubby will make my 1st this week. Your willingness to share your experiences and great info is so kind and truly appreciated!
I'll continue to follow your great blog!!!
Friend in Tucson, Az
Lori Ann Merrill

Susan said...

Lori Ann,
Thanks for your kind words. I just got back from the NIADA conference in Denver, it was great fun, both Ankie and Marlaine were there, and they had some amazing dolls, I took lots of pictures, I'll be posting a few on my blog. You can also check out the NIADA website.

jenclair said...

Oh, sweet!