Monday, September 5, 2011

Finished Pumpkin Fairy

Back from the NIADA conference and finally had some time to finish my Pumpkin Fairy.  I painted all the pieces and antiqued them with Min Wax Gel Stain, aged oak color.  I made the crown from paperclay, stamped it, base coated with Deco Art black pearl and then added some silver Gilder's paste to give it a metallic look. I used Duncan Super Matte to seal the face and added just a touch of ultra fine glitter.  As Christy recommended, I added a very tiny 3ss Swarovski AB crystal to the hi-light in her right eye.  Christy said it's a secret she learned from German toy makers.  I love the sparkle it adds to the eye.
I made her cape from a great fabric I found at looks like spider webbing, and finished her off with silk wings, wired Halloween ribbbon and a sparkling wand.


Colleen said...

SUSAN...YOU ARE FINALLY BACK...AND BETTER THAN EVER!!! THIS DOLL IS AMAZING...SHE IS NOW ONE OF MY FAVORITES...I LOVE HER PRETTY FACE (LOOKS LIKE YOU IN A PUMPKIN GIRL FORM!!! HA..)AND i LOVE THE AGING YOU GAVE HER....WHAT TYPE OF WAX? I HAVE DORLANDS....and the crystal in the eye is too cool...i use glass shards...that idea also came from an artist, Stacy Clark that makes dolls from german tales...

Susan said...

The antiquing is done with MinWax Gel Stain, the color is aged oak, you can get it at a hardware store.
Wipe it on and then take it off right away before it dries at all. If you want it lighter you can remove with paint thinner.
I've used glass shard too, but these teeny crystals are very cool, just a little hard to find (and easy to lose),