Monday, September 5, 2011

Denver NIADA Conference 2011

Tine Kamerbeek's Gallery Doll
This year, for the first time since I started my new job,  I took a whole week off from work.  I attended the NIADA annual art doll conference, which was held in Westminster, Co., just outside of Denver.  I signed up for three classes and then stayed on for all the planned activities which included free workshops, demos and a flea market.  The final day was the show and sale.  Artists from all over the world attended, including Ankie Daanen, Marlaine Verhelst, Tatiana Baeva, Tanya Marriott, Ima Naroditskaya, Stephanie Blythe, Deborah Pope, Tine Kamerbeek ( I bought one of her small dolls), Dianna Effner and many others.
Leslie Molen


Ankie's Chess Set
Veggie Couple

Close up of Ankie's Gallery Doll

Tine Kamerbeek

Marlaine's Gallery Doll

Ankie Daanen
Ankie Doll

I took two classes with Deb Pope; a one-day costuming class and a 2-day needle felted animal head.  The third was a class with Stephanie Blythe called Manipulating and Embellishing Textiles.  Both teachers shared a wealth of information including favorite supplies and techniques.  I finished a needle felted rabbit head, now I have to work on all the details...take a look at Deborah's finished Jack Rabbit.  At the banquet, which was hosted the last night, everyone received a souvenir doll, designed and hand painted by Reina Mia Brill.

Deborah Pope's rabbit

Deborah's Costuming class

Reina's Souvenir Doll 

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A Magical Whimsy said...

I am sure it was a dream come true to be at the NIADA Conference in 2011. To be with so many of the best of the best doll artists must have been incredible. I can imagine you had an amazing time.
Thank you for sharing the fabulous photos!