Monday, March 26, 2012


 A few notes on assembly:

The arms and legs were assembled using 2mm silk ribbon which I dyed to match the arm/leg color. Sandy's Lace and Trims is a great source for silk ribbon and trims of every size.  The arms are a very light fleshtone.  For the legs, I wanted the appearance of stockings, so I based them in Deco Parchment, rubbed in Pearl Ex Pink Gold and Aztec Gold powders, then sealed with Matte.  I think it adds a little depth to the surface with just a hint of sparkle, not sure if it will show up in a photo.  I used 6mm round peach quartz for the arms and 8mm peach quartz for the legs.
I like the silk ribbon for the elbow and knee but wanted a firmer joint for the shoulder and hip.  So for those connections I used 1mm stretch magic, a clear elastic cord.   I ran it up through the elbow, through the shoulders and down through the other upper arm.  If you pull it tight, make a knot, add a drop of Super glue, it makes a nice tight connection for the arms and legs.  It's much stronger than the ribbon, so the joints are poseable.  For example, you can raise her arms or legs and they stay in place.  As soon as I finish wigging this little girl I'll post some more photos, so you can see what I mean.


Colleen said...

Susan...thanks for this info...Id like to try a jointed doll with ribbon...I love how this little doll looks..the ribbon adds to her "prettiness"...i'll be waiting for more pictures.
ps...i moved on tuesday..ugh...i'm still unpacking my shop. i'll email you....

Susan said...

OMG....did you get a shop...that's great!!!! What are you going to call it, where is it...I hope you post all the details on your blog. Can't wait to hear all about it.