Sunday, April 1, 2012

I'm declaring this one finished

Bad Hair Day
OK....I'm not very fond of wigging, it's messy, time consuming, and I often make two wigs before I get one I like.  I used kid mohair for this doll, which I dyed a deep auburn.  It's extremely soft and fine, but can be a challenge to work with.  I made a small wig cap, applied the hair with Fabric Tac and then gave it a gentle wash. As you can see from the first photo, looks like a bad hair day.

With a good comb out and some Paul Mitchell styling spray I was able to get the hair to behave.  I took two sections from the front, just above the ears, twisted them under and joined them to a pony tail in the back.  I made delicate little flowers with gold vellum and  micro beads to decorate the hair style.  I used some great paper punches for teenie tiny flowers that I got at Hanky Panky, look how small they are!

I'm insane about miniature details, so let me show you the gold fabric paint and micro beads I added to the silk netting.  I also embellished the floral belt with tiny seed beads and gold micro beads.  In her lap is a tiny crocheted mouse I got from Christine at Dandelion Fair,

Like my other ballerina, I tried to duplicate real ballet slippers.  For the soles, I used Hearty clay, which I tinted with acrylic paint and rolled very thin.  It looks and feels like real suede.

When she was finished, it was time for a photo shoot.  Her dog Jiffy, had to get in the picture of course.


Rhissanna said...

Oh my! She's gorgeous! The ballet shoes and the tiny flower are exquisite. I'm going to have to get a teeny flower punch. I've seen other dollmakers who use paper flowers and they always look good.

Koenig-Artdoll said...

она прекрасна! очень нежная, и прическа ей к лицу

Susan said...

Thanks Rhissanna, the paper flowers are a lot of fun to make and just the right scale.

Susan said...

Koenig-Artdolls...Спасибо, я люблю ваши куклы!

Colleen said...

I ADORE her...everything about her is perfect...her clothes..her pretty shoes...her beautiful hair-
do!!! Susan is BACK!!!! ok i'm sending you an email. i'm finally all moved in and I have to send you something. I need to verify the address I Colleen

Susan said...

Oh thanks Colleen, can't wait to get an update from you!!!!

Rajib Hossain said...

i just loved these tiles!!
red onyx tile1207

Flora said...

WONDERFUL work !!! Blessings,Flora