Monday, October 20, 2008

Starting a new sculpt

I'm starting a Christmas elf using the clay mix Dianne Keeler told us about, cernit, super sculpey and white classic fimo. I like the consistency, although it did take a little time to adjust to it. The baked clay has a very nice translucent appearance as you can see in the photo. Now I need to add some color and paint in the eyes.

On Saturday, I received the fleece I ordered from Patricia Keeley, Autumn Hills Woollens and Sheep Co. Gorgeous, blue faced's a soft white with beautiful curls. Patrica's fleece is great to work with, very clean and easy to comb out. It will make great hair for my elves and santas., take a look at this fleece I just washed.


Colleen said... are killing me...only you would make that fleece look so super white clean and brushed out to "PERFECTION" !! haha..looks great!!! love colleen

Connie Nobbe said...

Can you tell me if Diane Keeler makes a mix of those clays with equal amounts of all three? I know I'm commenting on a post that went up about 3 years ago, but I've been google searching for whatever Diane uses, and your blog entry came up. :) Thanks so much!