Friday, October 3, 2008

The Toad Prince

A real prince or just another toad?
Patterned after a picture I saw of a prehistoric toad.......full body sculpt with wire armature, black onyx eyes with metallic hi-lights and oil pastels for his skin coloring. A crown finished to look like hammered brass with small fleur-de-lis finding.


Christine said...

I didn't know you made a crown for him. It looks really cute!

Colleen said...

hi girlie...i love this frog...its beautiful...and crowns are my thing!!! i love it (most every doll i make gets a crown!!!) but please tell me how you created this beauty...what do you mean by (patterned??)

Susan said...

I saw an artist's rendering of what they think is the oldest toad..I used some of the features and markings
I made a wire armature, covered it with some foil, then used super sculpey, painted with acrylics, pastel chalks and metallics